Name: Virus
Price: 100.00 70.00 USD

Virus Rank Package

This package will credit you with the Virus Rank.

Items from previous Ranks


  • /recipe: View crafting recipes
  • /back: Lets you go back to your location after death
  • /clearinventory: Clear your inventory
  • /workbench: Open a virtual workbench
  • /item: Can display the [item] in chat command
  • /feed: Has access to the /feed command
  • /heal: Has access to the /heal command
  • /nick: Has access to the nickname command with colors
  • /f fly: Allows you to fly in wilderness
  • /fixall: Allows you to fix all your items with a command
  • /sell: Allows you to sell all the items in your inventory


  • Join full server: Join the Factions Server while it is full
  • [Virus] Prefix: Stand out in the crowd
  • Keep XP: Keep your XP on death
  • Bypass Cooldown: Bypass the cooldown commands besides teleportation


  • Vaults: Access up to 8 personal vaults
  • Homes: Create up unlimited personal homes
  • Auctions: Create up to 8 auction listings.
  • Boost: $2,000,000 In-Game Currency & 1 Virus Key (/reclaim)

Kit Details: (Virus Kit)

Execute /kits -> Click "Rank Kits" -> Right-Click the Virus Kit