Name: Zeus - Olympian
Price: 39.99 27.99 USD

Diamond Armor: Protection 10, Unbreaking 10
Diamond Sword: Sharpness 10, Unbreaking 10
Diamond Axe: Efficiency 15, Unbreaking 10
Diamond Shovel: Efficiency 15, Unbreaking 10

+ Permanent 8X multiplier
+ Access to Olympian mine
+ Access to Zeus mine
+ Access to Hades mine
+ Access to Hera mine
+ Access to Ares mine
+ Access to Athena mine
+ Access to Apollo mine
+ Access to Olympian daily rewards

+ $10,000,000,000,000 in-game money
+ 20,000,000 tokens in-game
+ Tier5 Private Mine
+ [Olympian] tag in-game and on discord


/warp Olympian - Warp to all exclusive overlord mine
/ping - See yourself and other players ping
/seen - See when a player was last online
/enderchest - Access your enderchest from anywhere
/craft- craft anywhere any time
/nick - Change the display of your name
/pv - Have up to 20 playervaults
/fly - fly in all mines and areas.
/afk - let players know when you're away from the keyboard.
/ah - Have up to 10 Items in Auction House
/fixall - fix everything in your inventory
/fix - fix the item you are holding